11 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means–bring on all the hearts and chocolate! Holidays are such a fun excuse to get out the craft supplies, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Here are some great Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers that are super easy!

For those of us with toddlers, it can seem like the only crafts out there are either too advanced for them or end up as an unrecognizable brown blob. As much as we all adore our little ones’ “artistic visions,” sometimes it’s nice to have a craft that turns out cute as well. They probably won’t be great at using scissors, drawing recognizable pictures, or staying in the lines . . . but there are still awesome craft ideas that are right at their skill level!

When it comes to crafting with toddlers, keeping things simple and allowing for a lot of wiggle room is always a smart choice. Since kids learn through play, crafts are also a great way to sneak in some sensory and fine motor development! With that in mind, this compilation of 11 Valentine’s Day crafts is full of perfect ideas for a toddler. Your kiddo will have a blast with them, and you’ll have some beautiful artwork to display on the fridge after!

11 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Secret Message Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day crafts

The Growing Creatives

What kid doesn’t love to paint? This craft is so easy, but the use of watercolors gives a beautiful piece of art to enjoy. The fun part for kids is having a secret message appear on the paper as they paint!

DIY Heart Shape Stamps

Valentine's Day crafts

Danya Banya

Even if your little one is too young to draw their own hearts, they will have a blast stamping one with this fun craft! It’s so simple, but kids always love a good stamp craft.

Love Bug Puppets

Valentine's Day crafts

Red Tent Art

There is so much room for creativity with this one! All you need is a paper bag and whatever your toddler wants to decorate with. Stick on some googly eyes, and you have a fun love bug puppet to play with afterward!

Shaving Foam Marbled Hearts

Modern Mom Life

If you’ve never tried a marbled shaving cream craft with your kids before, this is the perfect time to do it! Mixing colors through a tray of shaving cream creates a gorgeous marbled look when pressed onto the paper. Your toddler will be amazed at the pattern they create!

Picture Frame Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day crafts

Hunny I’m Home

Let your child do a craft that can double as a keepsake! This fun activity allows your toddler to decorate their very own Valentine’s Day-themed frame. Naturally, you’ll have to snap a sweet photo of them to put in it afterward!

DIY Yarn Hearts

Valentine's Day crafts

Drug Store Divas

The only ones who love playing with yarn more than cats . . . are toddlers! They will have a blast making these adorable little hearts with yarn. After they’re done, you can hang it up for a memorable Valentine’s Day decoration.

Heart Suncatcher

Valentine's Day crafts

Crafts By Amanda

Contact paper is pretty much the best supply to have for crafting with littles. It minimizes the mess and creates beautiful art! For this craft, your toddler can make their own heart-shaped suncatcher. They’ll love seeing their artwork shining in the sun!

Toddler Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day crafts

Red Tent Art

Sometimes toddlers just want to scribble, and we should let them! This easy craft encourages little ones to color hearts however they want. Once their decorated hearts are dry, they can be put onto cards and given away as a sweet surprise!

I Love You to Pieces Craft

Valentine's Day crafts


Tearing up paper is an excellent fine motor skill activity for toddlers. This cute craft will encourage them to work on those skills while making a special Valentine with an adorable pun!

Huggable Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day crafts

Ottawa Mommy Club

Can a holiday pass by without its own handprint craft? I think not. For this craft, you can commemorate the size of their sweet little hands by helping them make their own “hug.” Especially for when we can’t see family as much as we’d like, getting a special hug in the mail would be just perfect!

Valentine’s Day Sponge Painting

Valentine's Day crafts

Highchair Chronicles

Crafts are an excellent opportunity to explore sensory play. This craft allows your toddler to play with a squishy sponge and see how it leaves prints behind. The heart-shaped sponges make for a fun and easy craft!

This list is sure to keep your toddler entertained and feeling festive! Making the holidays fun with activities like these are the special memories children cherish as they grow. I hope your family enjoys making memories together with these fun Valentine’s Day crafts!

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